Solar eliminates the 3-tier system

Save thousands of $$$ in rate increases and utility bills

Use utility bill savings to pay for your solar system

Interest is deductible with a home-equity loan

Use utility savings to buy a Tesla car and have no gasoline bill


Your solar investment becomes an asset not a liability

You can borrow against the increased value of your home

Solar panels become real property

Your home equity increases

Your home owners' policy insures the solar asset

By having no utility bill, your home sells quicker

You can borrow more money with no utility bill


Zero maintenance, no moving parts and operate silently

We have solar panels that are 40 years old

They are very safe

No power outage….we specialize in battery back-up systems

Protects your roof and keeps your home cool. You will save on your A/C

Aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous and beautiful

They are flush mounted. Solar is the new black

NASA uses the same panels we do

Increases comfort level

You can expand your system any time


Retire with no utility bill, live off your Social Security

You don’t have to down-size

And if you do down-size, your home will be easy to sell


There are various monitoring systems

You can see what your PV panels are doing anywhere, any time with a smart phone

You’ll have a history and record. They are smart phone capable